Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jesus Christ...Hallelujah...What a Savior!

The following is from Dan Phillips at...teampyro.blogspot.com...

First, in Christ God has come and solved our most fundamental problem (1:19-22)
      ...because in Him the Father was pleased for all the Fullness to dwell permanently, and through Him to reconcile all things back unto Himself, by making peace through the blood shed on His cross, through Him — whether the things on the earth or the things in the heavens. And you, though being formerly abidingly alienated, and enemies in mental disposition, as shown by your wicked works, yet now He reconciled you back in the body of His flesh through His death, to present you holy and unblemished and inculpable in His very presence,…
      As has been often and well-said, we did not primarily need a teacher nor a philosopher; we had had both in Moses and Solomon, and they served to show the distance between us and God's holiness and wisdom. We did not primarily need an example. We had such a pattern in the Law, and it damned us, as does the "example" of Christ if we attempt to earn salvation by emulation.
      Nor did we even solely need God to call us to come to Himself, to bid us and welcome us and throw His arms open to us. Why not? It would be a loving and lovely offer, but.... Try filling a baseball team in a graveyard. Try populating a party with ravenous wolves. We both could not have come, and would not have come, had the invitation been only external.
      Nor did we need a Salvation-cosigner, merely achieving salvation, making salvation available, as if one were to lay down a goblet brimming with the elixir of life in a morgue, bidding "whosoever will" to come and drink, then standing back to watch.
      No, we needed a Savior, one who came into the world not merely to teach, nor merely to guide, nor merely to offer salvation; but one who came into the world to save sinners (1 Timothy 1:15).
      We needed God Himself to deal once and for all with our sin-issue, root and branches. So He did in Christ (Romans 8:3). All the fullness of Deity dwelt bodily in Christ.

    • It was that body that made possible the shedding of His blood, 
       without which there could be no atonement nor forgiveness
       (Leviticus 17:11; Hebrews 9:22). 
     • It was that Deity that imparted infinite value to the shed blood
       (Acts 20:28).

     So He does not merely open the door for us, but He opens it, clothes us, and carries us through that door into the presence of God.
     Second, in Christ we are filled full (2:9-10) ...because in Him is permanently dwelling all the fullness of Deity bodily, and you stand filled full in Him, who is the Head over all rule and authority.
     He who is filled with God fills us with life and blessing. His filling is natural and native; ours is a covenantal boon. His is eternal; ours has a beginning. His is infinite; ours is finite — but sufficient.


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